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This is a blog about reentry into society for persons released from prison and the many difficulties and barriers they face. The writings contained in this blog come from personal experience and they are intended to put out information from the real life adventures I have come up against with navigating my reentry into society. The blog welcomes submissions from anyone who is or has gone through reentry after prison as well as from any authorities, organizations, etc. with information that would be help for prisoners with their reentry to society after incarceration.

Related News

It is 2012 and "Ban the box" is now in effect in Philadelphia. Effectively it does not allow employers to put the question on an application to ask if you have a criminal conviction. Further, in the first interview employers are likewise not permitted to touch on this topic.

The intent is to give ex-offenders an equal chance to get a foot in the door and get an interview to show who they are and present their qualifications to employers without being summarily dismissed because of having a record.

Here is hoping this succeeds. It is a start, but it should be state wide or even nation wide, not isolated to certain cities or counties within states.

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